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Wedding Videographer South East london Aloha London Films Best wedding videographer

This is us, Sky and Tasha, a husband and wife videography team who are cool but organised, fun but pragmatic.

Married in Vegas in the company of ‘The King’, and our dearest friends and family, our own ceremony lasted not more than thirteen minutes, but was so profound for us. It’s meaning amplified through the kindest and most heartfelt words our minister spoke in that short time.
Our story whispered elopement but screamed rock n roll, and we relive all the sentiment and emotion intensely, each time we watch our wedding film.

Broadcast professionals with a spirited creative passion, who share a real romance with crafting captivating wedding stories.

Each crafted film is unique and distinctly individual to each couple, their story and their love.


Light chasers and storytellers by obsession, we are always looking for those close moments with the ones you hold dear, the subtle details that might just be forgotten after it all, the deep knowing looks you exchange with your new partner ‘in crime’ and in life, and of course, the revelry issued into the fizzy evening hours that follow.

We love to work with couples in the months anticipating such an outstanding moment in their story, and then celebrate with them through the lens, distilling memories for their future reverie.

Always at the end of the phone, Zoom call or email to talk through your plans or requests. Always honoured to be a part of your plans, and create an everlasting gift.
Our couples are always excited to see the outcome of their crafted films and we can’t wait to reveal yours.


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