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Be human, be creative, and BLOG!

It started with the inception of an idea between two people, who wanted to walk the endless horizons of creativity, whilst still being able to geek out on the incredible technology on offer today, which just keeps breaking new ground *geek moment* to do what we love doing best, planning, filming, storytelling, making people smile and being able to savour their precious memories for them, creating their very own film.

And now, today, we’ve started a blog to document the journey of Aloha London Films   and give you OUR story, of where we come from, what we create, who inspires us, when we go on tour, why we do this, willing to contribute content that is human, wanting to make you smile. So with that, we realised there was no better film to kick start this blog with, than this one.

This little friend is someone’s everlasting story. And we wanted to memorialise his presence in our little clan.

A little bit of fun filmed on just an iPhone 7 whilst out one weekend. We wanted to explore just how good this medium is for creative storytellers who don’t have their GH5 kit strapped to their person 24/7 - the shock of it, - or who are just interested in exploring new avenues.

Be human and enjoy xx

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