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Coffee... COFFEE... Pour it over

So coffee.... it’s been a bit of a love affair of mine, which perhaps escalated a little [a lot] after we starting sprouting Mowglii. I mean who doesn’t need coffee after surviving the last 12 days [and, as it was to be, the next 5 years] on microsleeps.

Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. So yeah, I love coffee. I even started an Insta blog documenting coffee shops in London dealing out the best ‘babycino’s’, so that I felt my obsession with finding the best flat white in London was purposeful.

But, seriously, I do love experimenting with coffee. I dig the whole over the top preparation and artisan creation of a good cup of caffeine, so I thought I’d throw this little snippet together to document my new discovery of pour over coffee.

I like my coffee like i like my metal,.... black!

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