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So Summer Holidays are just about to engage, and the hyper levels are getting notched up to 11! Cue overexcited children under your feet at every given hour, the daily picnic packing grind and obligatory hurly burly between siblings, but still, summer memories made, never fade, as you get older. I still get butterflies when we approach the holidays, do you?  I think back to all the quirky summer community village events, and the non events, that occupied those sunny days and those memories are literally cast in my minds eye. Flower Fairs, Beach huts, sand dunes, running through fields of wheat the biggest sunsets and most memorable sunrises.

We did some memory making with the boys recently at this fun local annual event. It took me right back to my childhood. A gorgeous summers day and a rainbow of colour, and about 245 ducks went swimming that day.....

We give you the 4th Great Quaggy Duck Race, Manor Park - Lewisham, London.

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