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This year, the sense of freedom and appreciation we all feel getting out in nature, breathing in the outside air and leaving the house after tea to chase the sunsets and twilight, just to live in that moment right there and stretch out those last hours of daylight, have been nothing less than precious.

We go to our favourite places that hold memories dear to us, to walk and breathe, to pause and contemplate yesterday, and for some of us we stop the world to seize today.

We took a stroll with Zoe and Neil in their favourite space as summertime emerged, to celebrate them seizing their love with an engagement shoot.

It was a stunning afternoon in Greenwich Park, full of reminiscent chat, laughter and excitement. As the golden hour approached we meandered through the rose garden behind The Rangers House, to catch the light between the Daisy's and the Soleil D'or, and 'Wow' did those rays of light dance for us. A beautiful backdrop to frame the picture of this love.

Zoe and Neil have their own special story, a journey that brought them back to this moment and this place. This was a special shoot to do, not least because they are family but also because we know what it means for them to have found each other.

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