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Motorbikes Of Hanoi

Watch the film below

Fresh back from Vietnam with added zest, and considering just how amazing it was to visit and work in beautiful Hanoi.

This trip was the furthest I’d ever been from home and an assault on all the senses, absolutely spectacular, and is definitely somewhere I’d travel to again for adventure. Anyone who’s been will probably have told you all about the traffic, its one of the top three hazards noted on the government travel pages and it is nothing less than insane.

I couldn’t help but shoot footage as I walked around Hanoi streets, and I timed it just right as the President of the United States motorcade passed through on his way to his well documented meeting.

Using a GH5 camera with a 12-35 lens, this beautiful set up is the same camera I choose to shoot my weddings with.

Trumps motorcade

So close to a crash

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