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The Singapore...

So, as the chilly nights draw even closer in for autumn, and with a tall order of editing hours ahead, I’ve found myself taking some pause tonight to reflect back on some of the adventures we’ve had this last twelve months, and I have to say I feel so fulfilled to be on this journey with my partner in crime, and fortunate to be doing what I love, and from the heart with completely open creative direction. We’ve worked with some smashing couples this season at some incredible venues, filmed some great causes in the community and collaborated with professionals equally passionate about what they do.

One of my adventure highlights this year has to be visiting Singapore. Having never been that far away from home before and not a great fan of extreme humidity, I really wasn’t too sure what to expect. In fact, noodles was probably the only thing, I could see, Singapore had going for it, until I stepped off that plane. It was to be a flying visit however, and fortunately for my short schedule, I couldn’t wait to get out on foot to explore and check out some of the more familiar landmarks Sky Park, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, The Fullerton. You cannot deny the place is uniquely curious. Being so far from home, yet feeling close to home, as the technology out there was exactly what I was used to, was a strange concept to wrap my head around.

If you fancy watching me in full tourist mode, offering the world some peculiar summations on my environment, give my vlog about my curious trip a little look.

This video was shot on my Panasonic Lumix G GH4 camera using a 12-35mm lens

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