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Ice art videographer event birthday

Winter is coming….

We at Aloha are most definitely feeling the chill of winter nipping in the autumn air, and it made us think back to one particular birthday event we filmed for a client pre pandemic which was off the scale cool, and we wanted to share this throwback with you.

A Games of Thrones themed event of jaw dropping splendour, that had guests (and my camera lenses) revelling in wonderment through the night.

My camera was elevated without pause, and I was thankful I packed double of the extra batteries. I loved being in the apertures of this event getting the best angles and casts of each moment during performances, the crowd reactions, the jumping for the ceiling moments on the dance floor.

This serves as a great reminder that although wedding season may be cooling off a little after a very hot summer, the gatherings of family and friends, celebrations, parties, weddings, all the different reasons we have to make merry with those we love, don’t pause with the cooler seasons. We are social beings by design, constantly seeking connection, and connection through celebration is the best kind of fun out there.

Watching this project back summoned a quote in my mind, that I know and love from A. A. Milne, “We didn’t realise we we’re making memories, we just knew we were having fun”.

It’s all about that isn’t it? Experiencing what’s happening in the moment, and living it. No one needs to be looking over their shoulder to summon a videographer and their camera to come and snap a saccharine pose, or grab someone with a phone to capture a fun moment (blur lines included).

The candid moments, the real fun, is happening in real-time, without planning or even thought, and that is why a videographer at your wedding or event to capture those transient frames is such an investment in your personal story.

Those memories will not only be made there and then, but we will pull them back into focus for you.

The exhilaration our clients experience through watching back their memories for the first time is of course magical. We relish reading the emails from them after we’ve delivered their collections, but we are always excited to reveal to them that, that feeling they have, only amplifies as time goes on and those visual replays become even more precious.

We know this from personal experience, and we only have a single angle video stream from our Las Vegas wedding to watch back!

If only we knew then, what we know now!!!!

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