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Winter Weddings

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So here we are in the midst of winter. Let’s throw back to last year, when the frost began to embrace the landscapes and we filmed our first magical winter wedding.

It’s true that we all speak of the wedding season as being through the spring and summer seasons, and yes, those edit workflows are peaking their processors from May through to November. Of course, there are a multitude of reasons why a couple would choose the heat of the summer and the longer brighter days to celebrate their vows and party long into the night.

We were one of those couples. In fact, we wanted certainty on the weather and longer winding and brighter days, and so we hopped over to the desert of ‘I-do’s’ and cemented our love in our chosen chapel with Elvis beaming his great white smile, and then proceeded to our own ‘rented’ backyard to eat our body weight in Southern BBQ’d food. What’s not to love?

But, it has to be said that English winter weddings, (despite our own personal deeply ingrained grudges against the incredibly unpredictable, untameable, weather force) are very far from bleak and unfriendly. In fact, they are as equally majestic and imaginative, warm, wild and fragrant as their balmy calendar counterparts. 

There are wonderful stories to be told at this time of year that cannot be dampened by the typical English winter weather. 

Locations, candlelight, loved ones. They all create magical wonderlands for winter promises, spoken on the crisp edge of the air.

The days may be shorter and our natural light source less, but still - the light!

The light shows us new colours and tone, and shadows and depth, and it encourages a different type of creative ambition for finding and shooting those moments, to be able to compose a wedding story from such a unique array of light and matter. Wholly unique to your couple, on the day and the hour, they chose to solder their love.

And of course, we cannot ignore the beauty of the summer months, those vibrant afternoons, lulling the dusky haze towards the grandeur of the golden hour, as it then matures into the evening reception. It’s a wonder to capture all the light with the exceptionality of the environment, the people, the ambience, the love.

We experienced one of those truly magical weddings, set in a medieval chapel more than 800 years old. Salmestone Grange is uniquely interesting. Nestled in beautiful surroundings close to Margate, this monastic grange is steeped in history, and you can feel it. The chapel was intimate and cosy with candlelit flames flickering all about. An evergreen scent in the crisp winter air, and the wedding venue dressed in arrays of greens, topped with sprinkles of earthy red berries here and there, and a robin or two hiding in the ancient spindle of the gardens singing their seasonal verse. The wedding party were gregarious in their mingling amongst family and friends, old and new.

We certainly found a new love and excitement for winter wedding stories.

So we’d like to affirm that wedding season is evergreen the year through, and we love to create with couples during this time of year. We are so excited to share with you soon, one our most recent winter wedding films. Shot between Christmas and the New Year, in one of our favourite destinations in Greater London on the riverside. 

A stunning couple who extended the holiday season, to celebrate their vows with family and friends, in time for the New Year as Mr & Mrs. More about that one yet to come.

We hope that we are invited to chase the light and love for more winter promises in 2019. 

We still have some availability for February and March if you’ve not yet booked your winter wedding videographer. We’d love to hear what you have planned.

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